Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pulmonary Cytopathology, 1st ed. 2010

Pulmonary Cytopathology
(Essentials in Cytopathology)
Yener S. Erozan and Ibrahim Ramzy
ISBN-10: 0387888861
ISBN-13: 978-0387888866

This volume will focus on pulmonary cytopathology and be published in the Essentials in Cytopathology book series which will fulfill the need for an easy-to-use and authoritative synopsis of site specific topics in cytopathology. It will focus on current specimen collection and preparation techniques as well as assessment of specimen adequacy and reporting of cytopathologic findings. Presentation of the cytopathologic features and differential diagnoses for benign and malignant diseases of the lung, as depicted in exfoliative, abrasive and fine needle aspiration specimens will be explored. Each disease entity will be discussed with illustration of the spectrum of changes, differential diagnoses and pitfalls.




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