Monday, February 8, 2010

Molecular Pathology of the Pituitary, 1st ed. 2004


Molecular Pathology of the Pituitary, 2004
Frontiers of Hormone Research, Vol.32
George Kontogeorgos, Kalman Kovacs
ISBN-10: 3805577400
ISBN-13: 978-3805577403
S. Karger AG

Molecular pathology, a newly emerging field of research, is providing a deeper insight and understanding of the pituitary structure and its function in health and disease. This volume covers the basic principles of molecular pathology and summarizes the current knowledge of pituitary development as well as pituitary adenoma morphology and pathogenesis. Molecular, state-of-the-art techniques currently used for research and clinical applications are presented and the results of these fascinating and sophisticated modern tools are illustrated. The contents cover topics such as the mechanisms involved in pituitary development and cytogenesis, tumor development and functional differentiation, cell death, the molecular cytogenetics of defective genes and chromosomes, and pituitary tumor formation and progression.

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