Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pathology of Asbestos: Associated Diseases, 2nd ed. 2004


Pathology of Asbestos- Associated Diseases, 2nd ed. 2004
Victor L. Roggli, Tim D. Oury, Thomas A. Sporn
ISBN-10: 0387200908
ISBN-13: 978-0387200903

Pathology of Asbestos-Associated Disease integrates the newest research and advances in its discussion of asbestos induced diseases. Organized in 13 chapters, the book begins with background information on the mineralogy of asbestos, occupation and environmental exposure to asbestos, and asbestosis. A detailed discussion on mesothelioma includes a historical background, addresses etiologic considerations and epidemiology, pathologic features, differential diagnosis and treatment and prognosis. Guidelines for assessing and identifying asbestos-associated carcinomas of the lung, including histopathology and differential diagnosis are discussed.

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