Monday, June 4, 2012

Illustrated Pathology of the Spleen, 1st ed. 2000


Illustrated Pathology of the Spleen
Bridget S. Wilkins and Dennis H. Wright
ISBN-10: 0521622271
ISBN-13: 978-0521622271

The major aim of this book is to demystify splenic pathology for nonspecialist consultants and trainees in histopathology. The interpretation of pathological changes in the human spleen provides a significant challenge to the skills of even the most highly trained histopathologists. This comprehensive account of the most important and frequently encountered pathological conditions affecting the spleen is highly illustrated in color throughout with numerous detailed macroscopic and microscopic specimens. Emphasis is placed on the importance of adequate clinical information and technical preparation of splenectomy specimens in obtaining the best possible histopathological assessment of the tissue. A systematic, analytical approach to interpretation of pathological changes is used throughout the book. This text should enable readers to feel confident in their assessment of significant processes within the spleen. This volume will serve as an illustrated atlas, bench manual, text, and reference source.



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