Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bacterial Systematics, 2nd ed. 1994

Bacterial Systematics, 1994
Niall A. Logan
ISBN-10: 063203775X
ISBN-13: 978-0632037759

This is the first book on bacterial systematics at the undergraduate level. The first part explains why bacteria are classified and how they are named. It also covers the practice of classification, including evolutionary studies and identification. The applications of these methods are illustrated in the second part of the book, which describes progress in the classification and identification of the spirochaetes, helical and curved bacteria, Gram-negative aerobic, facultative and strictly anaerobic bacteria, Gram-positive cocci, rods and endospore formers, mycoplasmas, and actinomycetes, and outlines the importance of these organisms.
  • The first book on this topic at undergraduate level
  • Includes evolutionary studies and the Archaea
  • Covers theory and practice of bacterial classification and identification
  • User-friendly style and profuse illustrations

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