Saturday, May 22, 2010

Telepathology, 1st ed. 2009

Telepathology, 2009
Sajeesh Kumar and Bruce E. Dunn
ISBN-10: 3540857850
ISBN-13: 978-3540857853

Written by experts from around the globe "Telepathology" explains technical issues, digital information processing and collective experiences from practitioners in different parts of the world practicing a wide range of telepathology applications. This includes e.g. telepathology for gastrointestinal biopsy specimens, telepathology at the United States Veterans Health Administration, experience with teleneuropathology, applications of virtual microscopy, telepathology in micrographic surgery, dynamic and static robotic techniques for realtime telepathology, telecytology, feasibility and diagnostic agreement in teledermatopathology, remote control of the scanning electron microscope, ultrastructural telepathology, remote EM-diagnostics, and telepathology for rapid diagnosis of neurosurgical specimens. The authors lay the foundation for the globalisation of telepathological procedures, based on the facts that a pathological analysis can be performed on a patient anywhere in the world.

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