Thursday, June 3, 2010

The ELISA Guidebook, 2nd ed. 2009

The ELISA Guidebook, 2nd ed. 2009
(Methods in Molecular Biology)
J. R. Crowther
ISBN-10: 1603272534
ISBN-13: 978-1603272537
Humana Press

John R. Crowther provides today's premier practical guide to the understanding and application of ELISA. Updating and greatly expanding his widely appreciated earlier publication, ELISA Theory and Practice (1995), this important work introduces chapters on such major new topics as checkerboard titrations, quality control of testing, kit production and control, novel monoclonal antibodies, validation of assays, statistical requirements for data examination, and epidemiological considerations. With its numerous worked examples, detailed instructions, and extensive illustrations, The ELISA Guidebook offers a powerful synthesis of all the basic concepts and practical experimental details investigators need to understand, develop, and apply the new ELISA methodology successfully in day-to-day basic and clinical research.

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