Thursday, August 26, 2010

Diagnostic Lymph Node Pathology, 1st ed. 2006

Diagnostic Lymph Node Pathology
(Hodder Arnold Publication)
Dennis H. Wright, Bruce J. Addis, and Anthony S.-Y. Leong
ISBN-10: 0340706090
ISBN-13: 978-0340706091
A Hodder Arnold Publication

"Diagnostic Lymph Node Pathology" is a comprehensive and generously illustrated guide, making it the ideal practical reference book. The international team of highly regarded haematopathologists write in an authoritative and accessible style with an emphasis on morphological evaluation as well as immunohistochemistry. The book clearly and logically presents the criteria for differential diagnosis with illustrations of both classical and less well-known features of each disease process. This will prove to be an essential guide for all surgical pathologists and haematopathologists involved in interpreting lymph node biopsies and will be an invaluable learning text for histopathologists in training.


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