Monday, September 20, 2010

Lymphangiogenesis in Cancer Metastasis, 1st ed. 2009

Lymphangiogenesis in Cancer Metastasis, 2009
(Cancer Metastasis - Biology and Treatment)
Steven A. Stacker, Marc G. Achen
ISBN-10: 9048122465
ISBN-13: 978-9048122462

The book covers all aspects of this new field from the fundamental role that protein growth factors and their receptors play in lymphangiogenesis to the potential application of these advances to cancer diagnosis and treatment. Other clinical aspects explored include the mechanisms and importance of lymph node metastasis, the role of the lymphatics in lymphangioleiomyomatosis and Kaposi’s sarcoma, and approaches for imaging lymphatics in cancer. The book also covers the innovative approaches taken by researchers to explore new roles for lymphatic vessel biology in the context of cancer. The information presented in this volume, which describes the revolutionary concepts of tumor lymphangiogenesis, will be of interest to all students, scientists and oncologists who are seeking to understand the complexities of tumor metastasis.

Key Features:

  • Presents fundamental concepts of tumor lymphangiogenesis and the molecules which control this process

  • Provides a comprehensive summary of current research in this ground breaking area

  • Provides a book which links progress in basic tumor and developmental biology with current and future oncology practise

  • Is an essential text for molecular biologists, cell biologists and oncologists seeking to understand the implications of this rapidly developing area.



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