Sunday, October 31, 2010

Orthopaedic Pathology, 5th ed, 2010


Orthopaedic Pathology, 5th ed,
Peter G. Bullough.
ISBN-10: 0323054714
ISBN-13: 978-0323054713
Mosby, Inc.

Orthopaedic Pathology provides an overview of tumors that will be very useful to most practicing surgeons and pathologists. From the perspective of a medical student soon to start an orthopaedic surgery residency, Orthopaedic Pathology provides an excellent reference source that is useful for general background information and as an accompaniment to the review of microscope slides, images, and case studies. Indeed, for some orthopaedic surgery and pathology residency training programs, this text might be the best single source for orthopaedic pathology education.

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