Monday, October 25, 2010

Postgraduate Haematology , 6th ed. 2011

Postgraduate Haematology , 6th ed. 2011
Anthony R. Green, A. Victor Hoffbrand, Daniel Catovsky, Edward G. D. Tuddenham
ISBN-10: 1405191805
ISBN-13: 978-1405191807

Over five editions Postgraduate Haematology has built a reputation as an extremely practical, user-friendly, reliable source of information for examination preparation and clinical practice. Completely revised to reflect the latest research in the field, this edition continues to provide trainees with up-to-date knowledge on the pathogenesis, clinical and laboratory features, and management of blood disorders. It covers the significant advances which have occurred in the application of cytogenetics and molecular genetics in the diagnosis, classification and understanding of haematological disorders.



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