Friday, November 19, 2010

NMS Pathology, 3rd ed. 1993

NMS Pathology
(National Medical Series for Independent Study)
Virginia A. LiVolsi, Maria J. Merino, John S.J. Brooks, Scott H. Saul, et al.
ISBN-10: 0683062433
ISBN-13: 978-0683062434
Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

Detailed yet concise, this book uses a comprehensive outline format and is organized in the way that pathology is taught at most medical schools. New to this edition are: the addition of a transplantation chapter, which covers general immunologic mechanisms and pathologic features of transplant rejection, organ-specific transplantation pathology (kidney, liver, heart, lung, bone marrow), graft-versus host disease, and complications of transplantation; K-type questions have been eliminated and replaced by case-based or clinically oriented questions; and a moderate increase in tables and diagrams, to "break-up" dense outlined text. The NMS outline format provides a logical organization of pathology concepts and eliminates unnecessary words and detail.



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