Monday, December 6, 2010

Cells, Tissues, and Disease: Principles of General Pathology, 2nd ed. 2004

Cells, Tissues, and Disease: Principles of General Pathology
Guido Majno and Isabelle Joris
ISBN-10: 0195140907
ISBN-13: 978-0195140903
Oxford University Press

This book lays out the principles of general pathology for biomedical researchers, grad students, medical students, and physicians, with elegance and deep insight. Disease processes are explained in the light of malfunctions at the cellular level, offering a rich understanding of the clinical correlates of all aspects of fundamental cellular physiology and basic biomedicine. The book has been fully revised and updated to present a current but deep understanding of disease states at the cell and tissue levels - cellular pathology, inflammation, immunopathology vascular disturbance, and tumor biology.



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