Saturday, February 5, 2011

Text Book of Microbiology, 1st ed. 2010

Text Book of Microbiology, 2010
P.C. Trivedi, Sonali Pandey
ISBN-10: 8179103064
ISBN-13: 9788179103067
Aavishkar Publisher

The contents of the present book have been divided into 17 chapters covering basic studies of microorganisms excluding their application part. Book covers detailed information on history of microbiology, evolution of microorganisms, classification, Nomenclature and latest information of Bergey's manual. Chapter covers information about structure, metabolism reproduction, function and diseases caused by Bacteria, Viruses, Bacterial viruses, Plant viruses, Animal viruses, Archaea, Mycoplasma and Phytoplasma. General account of cyanobacteria including their nutrition and reproduction have been given. Book provides detailed information about Gram negative and Gram positive Bacteria and Eukaryotes viz. Algae and fungi.



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