Monday, April 18, 2011

Forensic Pathology Reviews, Vol 2, 2005


Forensic Pathology Reviews, Volume- 2
Michael Tsokos
ISBN-10: 1588294153
ISBN-13: 978-1588294159
Humana Press

Cutting-edge accounts of special topics from various fields of forensic pathology and death scene investigation. The authors explore new avenues for analyzing the pathology of death from starvation (child neglect), head injuries inflicted by glass bottles, the clinical and pathological features of primary cerebral neoplasms, obesity as it is relevant to the forensic pathologist, and infant and early childhood asphyxial death. Other areas of interest covered include suicide, viral myocarditis in sudden death cases, curious death scene phenomena (hiding, covering and undressing), forensic entomology, the interpretation of toxicological findings, anabolic-androgenic-steroid abuse, and autopsy findings of subendocardial hemorrhages.



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