Friday, April 22, 2011

Immunocytochemistry: A Practical Guide for Biomedical Research, 2010

Immunocytochemistry: A Practical Guide for Biomedical Research, 2010
Richard W. Burry
ISBN-10: 1441913033
ISBN-13: 978-1441913036

Each chapter supplies a set of important principals and steps necessary for good immunocytochemistry. The information is distilled down to include only the most important points and does not attempt to cover infrequently used procedures or reagents. At the end of most chapters is a section on trouble-shooting many of the common problems using the Sherlock Holmes method. Each chapter also includes specific protocols which can be used. The goal of each chapter is to present the reader with enough information to successfully design experiments and solve many of the problems one may encounter. Using immunocytochemical protocols without the understanding of their workings is not advised, as the user will need to evaluate his or her results to determine whether the results are reliable. Such evaluation is extremely important for users who need reliable images which will clearly answer important scientific questions.

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