Thursday, September 1, 2011

Biomarkers In Heart Disease. 1st ed. 2008

Biomarkers In Heart Disease 2008
(American Heart Association Clinical Series)
James de Lemos
ISBN-10: 1405175710
ISBN-13: 978-1405175715

Biomarkers in Heart Disease is the first title in the AHA Clinical Series and is aimed at meeting the needs of clinicians, providing cardiologists, internists, emergency physicians, laboratorians, and other healthcare providers with a clear understanding of the role of biomarkers in contemporary cardiovascular medicine.
The book covers both the strengths and pitfalls of currently available markers, and provides information on the most promising biomarkers that are likely to impact practice in the next few years. It is divided into four parts, organized around clinical scenarios rather than individual biomarkers.
This book will help the practicing physician decide which biomarkers to measure, when to measure them, how to interpret the results and how to make decisions based on the test result.


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