Friday, September 9, 2011

Phlebotomy for Health Care Personnal, 2nd ed. 2009

Phlebotomy for Health Care Personnal, 2009
Kathryn Booth, Antonio Wallace and Debbie Fitzgerald
ISBN-10: 007330977X
ISBN-13: 978-0073309774

Phlebotomy for Health Care Personnel, Second has been updated to include the CLSI standards and OSHA regulations. The text is now four-color and includes all new photographs and illustrations. It includes information about customer service and phlebotomy procedures in multiple health care environments or situations in addition to the traditional clinic setting. Emphasis is made on regulatory agencies, standards, and certification. Quality control and reporting/treatment procedures for accidental injuries are addressed in the text. Patient education and troubleshooting techniques are prominent features of the text. The instruction in the text is directly linked to the CD-ROM included in the text to reinforce skills and techniques. The text can be used in the classroom as well as independent and distance learning.


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