Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Amyloid and Related Disorders: Surgical Pathology and Clinical Correlations, 2012

Amyloid and Related Disorders: Surgical Pathology and Clinical Correlations
(Current Clinical Pathology)
Maria M. Picken, Ahmet Dogan, Guillermo A. Herrera
ISBN-10: 1607613883
ISBN-13: 978-1607613886

Abnormal proteins have been known to be associated with various pathologies. Most notably, these involve amyloidoses, monoclonal protein deposits associated with plasma cell dyscrasia/multiple myeloma, cryoglobulins and various related organized deposits. Systemic Amyloid and Related Disorders presents an overview of recent developments in the area including clinical presentation, etiology, pathogenesis, and differential diagnosis. The rationale for various therapies is also discussed. While the main portion of the text focuses on renal pathology, the involvement of other organ systems, such as cardiac, gastrointestinal and pulmonary pathology is also covered. This approach provides a unifying concept of these pathologic processes, which appear to have systemic involvement, and which have, hitherto, not been universally appreciated. Awareness of these diseases among a wider audience of pathologists may increase the rate of their diagnosis as well as that of earlier diagnosis. This volume will be invaluable to renal pathologists, cardiac pathologists, gastro-intestinal pathologists and general pathologists.


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