Thursday, May 31, 2012

Artifacts in Histological and Cytological Preparations

Artifacts in Histological and Cytological Preparations
Geoffrey O Rolls BAppSc, Neville J Farmer, John B Hall,

In histological and cytological terms an artifact can be defi ned as a structure that is not normally present in the living tissue. The problem is recognizing artifacts as such when they do occur and not confusing them with normal tissue components or pathological changes. In some situations the presence of an artifact can compromise an accurate diagnosis.
The aim of this publication is to promote an awareness of the various artifacts which may be encountered in histopathology, to provide a guide for their recognition, to explain their causes and to suggest, where possible, the means by which their occurrence can be avoided. Examples of many common ar t i fact s and some rare ones have been included but t he intent ion is t o provide an over view of artifacts and not a complete compendium. Alternative names for the artifacts are included in the list of common artifacts on page 100.



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