Thursday, November 8, 2012

Muir's Textbook of Pathology, 14th ed. 2008

Muir's Textbook of Pathology, 14th ed. 2008 
Robin Reid, David J. Harrison, Alastair D. Burt and Stewart Fleming 
ISBN-10: 0340740620 
ISBN-13: 978-0340740620 

 First published in 1924, Muir's Textbook of Pathology has set a standard in this subject by linking the scientific aspects that underlie pathological processes, relating these pathological changes specific to the various organ systems, and placing all in context for the student of clinical medicine and surgery. Subsequent editions have retained this popular approach, while introducing novel concepts and taking into account the evolution in the teaching of general pathology that has occurred. This fully-revised 14th edition will ensure that the title retains its preeminence in the field with a clearly defined and easy-to-follow structure, new photographs and explanatory line diagrams, all in full color, and applicability to both systems-based and problem-based undergraduate courses. Focusing on core material without neglecting up-to-the-minute detail, this book is a key text for students, but also has significant appeal for pathology residents.



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