Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Manual of Surgical Pathology, 3rd ed. 2010

Manual of Surgical Pathology 3rd ed 2010
Susan C. Lester
ISBN-10: 9780323065160
ISBN-13: 978-0323065160

Lester (pathology, Harvard Medical School) provides a manual of surgical pathology procedures organized by body region, along with information on processing, the lab, reports, safety, errors, and special studies. This edition has new and updated tables for immunochemistry, histologic appearance of viruses and fungi, and the optical properties of commonly seen noncellular material; the recommendations for American Joint Commission on Cancer classification and guidelines for the assessment of critical pathologic features; new tables for central nervous system tumors, lung carcinomas, fibroblastic/myofibroblastic lesions of the breast, signet ring cell carcinomas, metastatic carcinomas to the abdomen, and others; and evaluation of microsatellite instability in colon carcinomas. Online access to the full text and abstracts is included..



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