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Atlas of Hematologic Neoplasms, 1st ed. 2009

Atlas of Hematologic Neoplasms
Tsieh Sun
ISBN-10: 0387898476
ISBN-13: 978-0387898476

The Revised European-American Classification of Lymphoid Neoplasms (REAL classification) and the World Health Organization (WHO) classification of hematologic neoplasms require not only morphologic criteria but also immunophenotyping and molecular genetics for the diagnosis of hematologic tumors. Immunophenotyping is performed by either flow cytometry or immunohistochemistry. There are many new monoclonal antibodies and new equipments accumulated in recent years that make immunophenotyping more or more accurate and helpful. There are even more new techniques invented in recent years in the field of molecular genetics. In cytogenetics, the conventional karyotype is supplemented and partly replaced by the fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) technique. The current development of gene expression profiling is even more powerful in terms of subtyping the hematologic tumors, which may help guiding the treatment and predict the prognosis. In molecular biology, the tedious Southern blotting technique is largely replaced by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The recent development in reverse-transcriptase PCR and quantitative PCR makes these techniques even more versatile. This proposed book will present 83 clinical cases with clinical history, morphology of the original specimen and a list of differential diagnoses. This is followed by further testing with pictures to show the test results. At the end, a correct diagnosis is rendered with subsequent brief discussion on how the diagnosis is achieved. A few useful references will be cited and a table will be provided for differential diagnosis in some cases.


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  1. Part 6 of this file is not available. When accesing download page there is a message saying the file is not currently available because the site is under maintenance. Try again later. I´ve tried many times and it doesnt change. If you could do something to update it it would be very appreciated.

  2. Part 2 is showing corrupted

  3. which type of error?
    Its may be d/t incomplete download of part-2, so just download again.

  4. I have downloaded it thrice, still error only in part 2

    1. Ok. plz tell me exact error msg.
      what is the exact size of file part-2 in yr pc?

  5. Even part 6.

    The error message is
    ! C:\Users\maryam\Downloads\Atlas of Hematologic Neoplasms by Tsieh Sun, 2009 Pg.part2.rar: Packed data CRC failed in Atlas of Hematologic Neoplasms by Tsieh Sun, 2009 Pg.pdf. The volume is corrupt
    ! C:\Users\maryam\Downloads\Atlas of Hematologic Neoplasms by Tsieh Sun, 2009 Pg.part6.rar: CRC failed in Atlas of Hematologic Neoplasms by Tsieh Sun, 2009 Pg.pdf. The file is corrupt

    Part 2 is 79.7

    Part 6 is 77.4

    1. Generally, this type of error occur due to incomplete download or different location of all parts. in ur case, u hv complete download as size of part-1 to part-5 is 79.7 MB and part-6 is 77.4 MB.
      Ok. I will reupload part-2 n 6, but need sm time.

      Keep in touch



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