Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Support Us....!!!

Dear Friends,


Thanks for Liking "ePathology"

Now "ePathology" completed four successful years
We need financial support to maintain the site. So kindly support us, make a donation ..!!

Thanks for considering for donation....!!

Payment options
Donation for ePathology


Another way is to Send Money manually from your paypal account to ebooks4doctors@gmail.com  

Follow these steps

  • From your Paypal account, click on 'Send Money'
  • In To (Email) enter ebooks4doctors@gmail.com
  • In Amount, type in the amount of the dollar you want to donate. In the dropdown beside this, make sure to select USD - U.S. Dollars
  • Under the Purchase tab, click the Services radio button (dot)
  • Click on Continue
  • Under Email to recipient, in the Subject: box, enter your name
  • In the Message: box, enter 'Payment for donation for ePathology',
  • Click on Send Money

Contact us at ebooks4doctors@gmail.com



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