Sunday, August 11, 2013

Histopathology Reporting: Guidelines for Surgical Cancer, 3rd ed. 2013

Histopathology Reporting: Guidelines for Surgical Cancer 
Derek C Allen 
ISBN-10: 144715262X 
ISBN-13: 978-1447152620 

An easily comprehensible and practicable framework for standardised histopathology reports in surgical cancer. The pathological features of the common carcinomas are detailed and non-carcinomatous malignancies are also summarised. 7th edition TNM and WHO classifications of cancers are incorporated, with comments on any associated pathology, diagnostic clues and prognostic criteria supplemented visually by line diagrams. Each chapter’s introduction gives epidemiological, clinical, investigative and treatment summary details. Other pathology includes updated immunophenotypic expression and molecular techniques. The impact of these ancillary investigations on diagnosis, and as biomarkers of prognosis and prediction of response to treatment is summarised, as is the effect of adjuvant treatments on cancers. Experience based clues are given throughout as aids to tumour typing, grading, staging, and gauging prognosis and response to treatment. Histopathology Reporting: Guidelines for Surgical Cancer, Third Edition is invaluable for trainee and consultant diagnostic histopathologists all over the world, equipping the reader to produce high quality, clinically appropriate histopathology reports, and to participate in contemporary multidisciplinary team management of patients with surgical cancer.




  1. thank u very much
    How can I download it ?

  2. This download requires File factory premium! :(
    Woe to the people who can't afford premiums :(

  3. I cannot download, please help me. I do not have a premium account.



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