Friday, April 11, 2014

Annals of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine / Annals of Applied Bio-Sciences

Dear Friends! 

I am proud to announce the launch of our journals ‘Annals of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine’ (APALM) and ‘Annals of Applied Bio-Sciences’ (AABS) under the auspices of ‘Pacific Group of e-Journals’ (PaGe). The idea of launching an online, international, peer reviewed, open access journal germinated from the feedback from the readers, who participated in the survey conducted on this blog on 25-07-2013. It was observed from this survey that there is a mystery shrouding the whole process of publishing an article in a journal, right from the techniques of article writing, submitting it to a journal for publication to its final publication in the journal. In this regard, I have also received numerous requests by the readers to suggest them the right techniques of writing a good manuscript and also to recommend online journals, which are of good repute, easily accessible, cost effective and which publish the articles quickly, after following standard practices of peer-review. Accordingly, we decided to launch a premier Online, International, fast Peer-Reviewed, Open-Access Journal, which is not only cost effective, but also aims to quickly publish the accepted manuscripts after a rigorous peer-review process. APALM provides immediate, worldwide, barrier-free access to the full text of research articles without requiring a subscription to APALM. Moreover, the authors are thoroughly educated about the article writing process on this Journal through Author Guidelines, which are available on the home page of Annals of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (APALM). 

During the design and implementation phase of APALM, we were also flooded by numerous requests to launch a journal of repute, in the field of Bio-Sciences. Accordingly, we conceptualized, designed and implemented the journal, titled Annals of Applied Bio-Sciences (AABS), on the same philosophy of APALM. 

Both of these journals are being published under the auspices of Pacific Group of e-Journals (PaGe), and in future we plan to introduce more journals catering to various specialties of pure and applied sciences and different disciplines of humanities.

Hope you would love to encourage me in my new venture and publish your articles in our Journals and also spread the word among your friends.

We welcome the submission of articles for our journals.

Annals of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (APALM)

Annals of Applied Bio-Sciences (AABS)



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