Download link :

for download link, click the "dOWNLOAd" logo.
or Check the Comments for link.

When you click on a download link, please wait 5s. After that, you will seebutton on top-right of your browser. Click onbutton to download a file.

Compressed files:

We use compress files to reduce their size, you can use many programs to extract those files.

1. winzip
2. winrar  [  http://ul.to/lqdcm8tf   ]
3. jZip  [  http://ul.to/aujyjodf  ]

File in Multiple parts:

Large files post in multiple parts, first download all parts and then combined them with help of
above software e.g. winzip, winrar, jZip etc

Books in another formet:

Pdb file: pdb file read with the help of software "Isilo 5.0"
               download link is  http://ul.to/lqdcm8tf   

DjVu file: read with the help of DjVu Reader
                download link is  http://ul.to/g9ijo1u4

pdf file: everybody know about pdf reader " Adobe Reader"
              one more is "Nitro PDF Professional"


No password is require for any post.

Q. While trying to open CHM files I get an error:"Navigation to the webpage was canceled"

A. open it by following the below steps:

a. Right-click the CHM file and click “Properties”.
b. In the “General” tab of the “Properties” dialog box, click the          
    “Unblock” button under “Security” at the bottom.
c. Click “Apply” and “OK” to save the settings.



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